Highlighting some of my recent work below...see here for my personal blog.

Mike & Jackie | Bridges Golf Club

San Ramon Wedding Photography

June 2017

Mike & Jackie are about making memories, always. They strive to create happy memories so that they can reminisce about it. I very much enjoyed the privilege to photograph their wedding, and truly hope the photos will always remind them of that wedding day feeling and bring smiles to their faces. 

Karan & Sawina Engagement Party | Sakoon

Fremont Event Photography

May 2017

What a fun event to photograph! I love photographing Indian events...love the bold bright colors, the dancing, the music, the hospitality...the Indian culture. I felt like a guest although I was hired to photograph the pa[...] 

Amanda & Aili | San Ramon

Engagement Photography

May 2017

Please meet Amanda...a former lifeguard turned retail sales with an affinity for all things active, and lives in the South. She is the epitome of Southern culture and charm. I knew it immediately when she reached out to me for engagement photos. It's so refreshing to meet someone wit[...]

Orah's Baptism and Red Egg/Ginger

Celebration | San Ramon Event Photography

February 2017

About two months ago, I met and photographed Orah and her family for holiday photos. They must have like my work as Roma, Orah's mom, reached out to me again to capture her little girl's baptism, and red egg and ginger cel[...]

Puja's 40th Birthday Party | The Prickly Pear

Danville Event Photography

January 2017

Surprise! Happy Birthday Puja! I have photographed Puja's family several times over the last several years, including her husband's 40th birthday party. This time, it was her turn....it was a great. A well planned surprise birthday party by her hus[...]

Looking back: 2016

December 2016

Grateful for another year of photographing my favorite subject: people. I didn't photograph much this year as I spent much of my personal time traveling. I hope to do much of the same next year, but I'll squeeze as many sessions as possible :) 

Siya & Tara Are Turning One! | Norris Canyon Estates

San Ramon Event Photography

September 2016

Back to back weekends photographing kids' birthday parties. This week, twins...Siya and Tara are turning one! Their mom reached out to via Yelp about a month ago, and happy to photograph the party. The twin girls are such sweeties, so mell[...]

Neev Turns One | Shea's Montage Clubhouse

Livermore Event Photography

September 2016

Neev turns one! Earlier this year, I photograph Neev's family when his grandparents were visiting. His mom mentioned to me that they wanted me to photograph his birthday party. Having had photographed Neev's sister birthda[...]

Leo & Cheryl | San Ramon City Hall

San Ramon Wedding Photography

July 2016

Leo and Cheryl reached out to me several months ago about photographing their elopement and we discussed several different locations for the elopement. However several weeks ago, San Ramon's new city hall was built. So, the wedding [...]

Doug & Leigh | St. John's Presbyterian Church

San Francisco Wedding Photography

July 2016

My biggest takeaway from Doug and Leigh's wedding is that they have a solid core of family and friends. This was evident by the speeches made by the wedding party and family members; the speeches were authen[...]

Paul & Shirley | Cuvaison Estate Vineyard

Napa Wedding Photography

June 2016

In their own words, Paul and Shirley describe their relationship as unconventional. Undoubtedly at every wedding, there's a hiccup to the plans...it could be the weather, clothing, flowers, food, something left at home, etc. And when it happens, it certainly causes a bit of stress and tensi[...]

Joshua's Bar Mitzvah | Temple Emanu-El & Golden Gate Club

San Francisco Event Photography

January 2016

Last September, I met Joshua and his family at a wedding that I was photographing. Joshua and his mom both made a wonderful impression with me: Joshua's maturity and his decorative bow tie, and his mom's lovely presence and attrac[...]

Looking back: 2015

December 2015

I'm grateful for another successful year :) 38 photography sessions consisting of 16 repeat clients and 22 new clients. Much thanks to my past clients that referred many of my new clients; referrals is the greatest compliment. Some of the kind words that I have received this past year:

"Damn you're good. Thank you so much. LOVE the p[...]

Jatin's 50th Birthday | Clay Oven | Livermore Event Photography

November 2015

About two years ago, I photographed Jatin's friend's birthday party. Jatin and his wife Dipika were at that party. They liked my work, and asked me to photograph Jatin's 50th celebratory birthday dinner. The dinner was held at Clay Oven in Livermore, with about 40 friends and family present. Happy birthday Jatin, you're frien[...]

Riley & Felicia | Fitzgerald Marine Reserve | Moss Beach Engagement Photography

October 2015

These two are super cute and attractive...and tall! Riley's 6'4"ish and Felicia is 6'1"ish. I suggested we take their engagement photos at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve for the "woodsy" feel they were looking for. Although I only spent about two hours with them, I can definitively say that they are very much a comp[...]

Helen & Julie | Barrel House Vineyards

Healdsburg Wedding Photogaphy

September 2015

In their own words, they are perfect for each other, incredibly happy and very into each other. Helen is Korean American, Julie is French Canadian and they met two years ago at a friend's party in SF. They're both physically active and enjoy time in the outdoors, and love meals at an outdoor restaurant.

Julie and Helen were wed on a beautiful humid ov[...]

Derek & Carol | San Ramon Engagement Photography

August 2015

Please meet Derek, and please meet Carol. They are very good natured, easy going people...and very compatible together. As with most couples, they were a bit nervous about the shoot; I was able to guide them to achieve the natural photographs they were looking for. Although it was HOT (the car read 99° [...]

Thomas & Courtney | Canyon View

San Ramon Wedding Photography

July 2015

They met in 7th grade, became high school sweethearts, dating for years and marrying on a lovely July Saturday. Best friends marrying each other. The wedding was most sincere witnessed by 250 family and friends. A repeating theme throughout the wedding was Courtney & Thomas' gratefulness to everyone that influenced them. I first connected with Courtney and Thomas last July, and we met [...]

Blackhawk Living | Danville Commercial Photography

May / June 2015

Over the last few months, I've been quietly photographing for a local community magazine, Blackhawk Living. The magazine highlights the community of Blackhawk in Danville. I have not publicly shared the photos until now. Last year, I had photographed the magazine's editor wedding. After the wedding, she asked i[...]

Jake & Shara | San Ramon Golf Club

San Ramon Wedding Photography

April 2015

Last August, Jake and Shara reached out to me. They found me via Yelp and fell in love with my work. We met over coffee and concluded that I was a good fit for their wedding. Fast forward to today, a beautiful spring day ideal for a wedding. See below for a peak of their wed[...]

Danny & Eugenia | Valley Presbyterian Church

Portola Valley Wedding Photography

February 2015

I was asked to photograph a friend of a friend's sister's wedding ceremony. Of course, I was willing to photograph it, and honored to do it. Surprisingly (as we're in a drought), it was raining when I arrived at the church...I was a tad worried because I wanted to photograph the bride and groom amongst the redwood tre[...]

Gia's First Birthday | Oak Hill Park | Danville Event Photography

December 2014

Welcome to Gia's Winter Onederland party. Onederland is not a typo...I did get it after a few seconds. Gia's party was indeed a winter wonderland party filled with snow, letters to Santa, hot cocoa with marshmallows, Olaf face painting, the movie Frozen, stuf[...]

Jo & Lucia | Blackhawk Country Club

Danville Wedding Photography

December 2014

Two days prior to the wedding, the largest storm in a decade swept the area. I was nervous the brutal storm would ruin Jo & Lucia's wedding...but the storm passed and skies cleared. The wedding was small and intimate amongst those most dearest to them. Jo, Lucia and I met several weeks ago at the country club to discuss specifics. I scoped the site for possible locations to photograph the c[...]

Anika's Birthday Party | The Terraces Clubhouse

Dublin Event Photography

November 2014

Anika is three!!! Two years ago, I photographed her 1st birthday party...she was a shy adorable little girl back then. Fast forward to today: she's taller, just as adorable as when she was one, and at that age with some separation anxiety. Mom and dad di[...]

Petersen Family | Forestville Private Residence | Family Portraits

October 2014

Early this year, I photographed Taylor & Sasha's wedding (see here), and I'm thrilled to have reconnected with them. This time, I photographed their baby girl Isla. What a year for the Petersen Family...Sasha got pregnant, Taylor & Sasha got married, they bought a home in Forestville, and then they had their baby girl, Isla.

Vardaman Family | Danville Private Residence

Family Lifestyle Portraits

October 2014

I photographed the Vardaman family several times in the past. They reached out to me again but instead of traditional family portraits, we decided to have a lifestyle session based on "everyday life". Breakfast in pajamas. Boys playing Legos. Lounging around. Playing in the backyard.

Neel's 40th Birthday | W Hotel

San Francisco Event Photography

October 2014

Beautiful October San Francisco evening. Hip Venue. Gorgeous people. Popping music. Free flowing drinks. Neel, you're a rockstar and throw a fabulous party...such a memorable night!

Elise's First Birthday | Private Residence

Hillsborough Event Photography

September 2014

This birthday party rivals a wedding reception. Gorgeous property. Amazing decor and details. Yummy catered food. And to top it off, two jump houses, face painting and a balloon twister! Props to mom and dad!

Jenny & Alex | Private Residence

Brentwood Wedding Photography

September 2014

It's not very often I receive a phone call (or email) from the future groom. This was a rare case where Alex, the future groom, reached out to me. We chatted for a bit, and I think was a good fit for his wedding. He wasn't sold until he read that I prefer BMW over Mercedes on my "About Me" page...lol. The wedding ceremony and reception was held at their "estate". Enjoy the photos.

Yes, his ring has more bling than hers :)...Alex, you are the man!

Alex & Maria | City Hall | San Francisco Wedding Photography

September 2014

Maria and Alex are getting married in Hawaii, and also decided to have a civil ceremony at the beautiful City Hall in San Francisco. Two weeks later, they will celebrate their marriage with a dinner for local friends and family who didn't make the trip to Hawaii.

Although there were quite a few tourists and other wedding parties at City Hall, we were able to work around them. We made some great photos [...]

Evan & Keria | Twin Peaks

San Francisco Engagement Photography

September 2014

I was fortunate to be selected by Evan to photograph their engagement photos. And I was relieved that Keria "really really opposed cheesy engagement photos". There was rolling dense fog at Twin Peaks but at times, the sun peeked through the fog providing gorgeous lighting allowing views of the skyline. Here are a few of my favorites...

Casey & Bruce | Old Borges Ranch

Walnut Creek Maternity Photography

August 2014

They're expecting. Eight months pregnant, Casey reached out to for maternity portraits. She was "getting bigger by the day" and preferred to schedule a session sooner than later. A few days later, I photographed Casey & Bruce in beautiful light.

Meirovitz Family | Alivso Adobe Community Park

Pleasanton Family Portraits

August 2014

My fourth session with Matt and Shelly. The first time was for their daughter Kayla's birthday. Second time, Shelly was expecting their second daughter, Hailey. Third time, Hailey was born. This time, Hailey turned one.

Steven & Joy | Lands End

San Francisco Engagement Photography

July 2014

A few months ago, Steven & Joy reached out to me for wedding photography (huge thanks to past client Sarika who made the referral). We met over dinner to discuss wedding details, and they also decided to have me photograph their engagement photos. Fast forward a few weeks later, I met them at L[...]

Jason & Christina | Ravenswood Historic Site

Livermore Wedding Photography

July 2014

An Assyrian wedding with a contemporary twist. Athough the wedding did not go as smoothly as planned, it was a beautiful wedding on a hot summer day. The ceremony was held down a tree lined dirt road, with the reception in the adjacent historic building.

Rachelle & Odelle | Easley Family Farm

Walnut Creek Wedding Photography

July 2014

Young inspiring love. Awesome beautiful people. Hot summer day. Big family, tons of love. Gorgeous venue, amazing decor. I've been looking forward to photograph this wedding immediately after sitting down with Rachelle & Odelle to discuss wedding details several weeks ago. Here is their wedding story in photos...

Tracy Wong | San Francisco | Lifestyle Portrait Photography

June 2014

This post is long over due. Annually, I seek a fellow photographer that I ask to photograph my kids and I. And in return, I photograph him/her. Art for Art. This has always been difficult for me because:

1. Photographers are the worst critics

2. I'm much more comfortable taking photographs then having photographs take of me.

Mahmoudi Family | Belvedere Family Portraits

May 2014

About two months ago, I photographed Sallumeh and her family during her pregnancy in downtown Sausalito. She was glowing with the upcoming birth of her second son.

Rachelle & Odelle | San Francisco | Engagement Photography

May 2014

Beautiful + urban + funny + retro + stylish + talented + music = Rachelle & Odelle. It was appropriate to start the shoot on Haight Street. We shot along Haight Street, at a laundry mat, at Amoeba Records and had a quick bite at Cha Cha Cha.

Taylor & Sasha | Mount Tamalpais | Wedding Photography

January 2014

Rain or shine, Taylor and Sasha were getting married outdoors at Mount Tamalpais in mid-January. We prepared for the worst: wind, rain and cold temperatures. On the wedding day, weather could not have been nicer: slight breeze, sunny and temperatures in the low 80s. The day started at Mountain Ho[...]

Jason & Christina | San Ramon

War Paint Engagement Photography

March 2014

Jason & Christina wanted engagement photos. They weren't sure of the lifestyle theme. They wanted to include their daughters. Would a "War Paint" theme be out of reach??? Absolutely not!!! End result: a Jackson Pollock inspired canvas art, a load of laun[...]

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