Amanda & Aili | San Ramon Engagement Photography

May 2017.  Please meet Amanda...a former lifeguard turned retail sales with an affinity for all things active, and lives in the South.  She is the epitome of Southern culture and charm.  I knew it immediately when she reached out to me for engagement photos.  It's so refreshing to meet someone with genuine character, gratitude and politeness.  I smile when she calls me Mr. Robert. 

Please meet Aili, a audio producer with Pandora radio.  She's so cool, and down to earth.  Not sure why, but I'm star struck that she works at Pandora...probably because I wish I was as cool as her.  She's also a DJ, and enjoys the night time scenes.

Together, in their words, they are very feminine on the outside, but masculine on the inside…so they both like pretty things with strength.

I love the engagement rings photographed on an apple tree.

It's very fulfilling to photograph love.  I love love love when Amanda kisses Aili near the forehead and eyes, it's where I love to kiss too!

Congrats you two!  Enjoy your road trip to LA.  RC

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