Jatin's 50th Birthday | Clay Oven | Livermore Event Photography

November 2015.  About two years ago, I photographed Jatin's friend's birthday party.  Jatin and his wife Dipika were at that party.  They liked my work, and asked me to photograph Jatin's 50th celebratory birthday dinner.  The dinner was held at Clay Oven in Livermore, with about 40 friends and family present.  Happy birthday Jatin, you're friends and family admire your humility, consideration and success.

The food looked and smelled so good...I love Indian food but had to resist as I had dinner plans afterwards....thank you Jatin for your hospitality.

Jatin's daughter put on a dance performance (that was very a la Beyoncé).

Happy birthday Jatin!  Wishing you another healthy and prosperous 50 years.  RC

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