Jo & Lucia | Blackhawk Country Club | Danville Wedding Photography

December 2014.  Two days prior to the wedding, the largest storm in a decade swept the area.  I was nervous the brutal storm would ruin Jo & Lucia's wedding...but the storm passed and skies cleared.  The wedding was small and intimate amongst those most dearest to them.

Jo, Lucia and I met several weeks ago at the country club to discuss specifics. I scoped the site for possible locations to photograph the couple. Locations were limited; it would be dark at a 6pm ceremony start start. On wedding day, as I drove towards the clubhouse, I noticed the clubhouse's exterior was beautifully lit (which it wasn't when we met several weeks ago). This is where I wanted to take some photos of the couple.

The ceremony was held on a balcony, outside the dining room.

A perfect setting for the intimate wedding.

During dinner, I asked Jo and Lucia for a few minutes for some photos.  The tree, Christmas lights and ornaments made a perfect backdrop!

Congrats Jo & Lucia!  RC

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