Karan & Sawina Engagement Party | Sakoon | Fremont Event Photography

May 2017.  What a fun event to photograph!  I love photographing Indian events...love the bold bright colors, the dancing, the music, the hospitality...the Indian culture.  I felt like a guest although I was hired to photograph the party...a big thank you to Karan and Sawina's families and friends for being so inviting.  I didn't have a chance to eat at the party, but I'm sure it was good...love Indian food.

Before the party, we took some "save the date" photos are a nearby park.  Sawina is very photogenic, she loves to smile...she's gorgeous.  Karan also looked good in his navy suit paired in brown shoes.

The engagement party was held at Sakoon in Fremont.

There was a short engagement ceremony, followed by games, dancing and music.

Sawina and all the ladies were so beautiful!

Enjoy your four day wedding extravaganza back East.  Congrats!  RC

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