Paul & Shirley | Cuvaison Estate Vineyard | Napa Wedding Photogaphy

June 2016. In their own words, Paul and Shirley describe their relationship as unconventional.  Undoubtedly at every wedding, there's a hiccup to the could be the weather, clothing, flowers, food, something left at home, etc.  And when it happens, it certainly causes a bit of stress and tension.  When Paul and Shirley where confronted with their multiple hiccups (eg. mic not working), they remained completely calm and collected; unlike most couples that argue and get frustrated in these situations - indeed, they are unconventional.  Paul and Shirley absolutely adore and respect each other.

The wedding was held at the private estate residence (The Schmidheiny Home) of the Cuvaison Estates Wines.

Some of my favorites below...

Paul and Shirley above, and their beautiful daughter Arabella below.

A lovely family.

Thanks to J Brant for the referral!

Congrats Paul & Shirley, and Arabella :)  RC

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