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I started this blog in late 2015 to share my favorite food, traveling and possibly golf experiences.  Please chime in...I love to hear your thoughts...thanks for visiting!  And follow me on Instagram for more photos.

Tokyo & Hong Kong | Travel Photography

July 2018

Coming soon....

Oahu Hawaii | Travel Photography

June 2018

Coming soon...

Bora Bora | French Polynesia

Travel Photography

April 2018

Several months ago, I was chatting with the kids about Spring Break, where to go & what to do. Bora Bora, they said. What?! How do you know/hear about Bora Bora? I had never been, so why not?

The Broad | Los Angeles

Travel Photography

January 2018

During a quick weekend trip to LA, I decided to visit The Broad museum. We didn't have advance ticket reservations, so we arrived about 30 minutes before opening and waited in the standby line. It wasn't a long time after opening when we got in.

Cypress Point Club | Monterey

Golf Photography

September 2017

"Who's got it better than us? Nobody" - Jim Harbaugh.  The quote pretty much sums up this post.

Akiko's Sushi Bar | San Francisco

Food Photography

August 2017

Looking back at old blog entries, I realized that I photograph sushi a lot, like this one and this one. I must love sushi, or I'm crazy, but probably both :) This is one of my favorite sushi restaurants in SF Bay Area. If you enjoy s[...]

Hong Kong, Taipei & Singapore

Travel Photography

July 2017

This was two week trip with the kiddos and extended family to Hong Kong, Taipei Taiwan and Singapore; spent quality time with the family rather than taking quality pictures. Here's a snippet of our travels:

Paris | Travel Photography

March 2017

After London, I took the Eurostar to Paris. We spent a few days there before heading home. The weather was unusually warm for early spring. We went to the main tourist locations but you've seen photos of those iconic locations bef[...]

Sky Garden | London

Travel Photography

March 2017

First and foremost, apologizes for the lack of blog entries lately and photography work. I've been quite busy for the last few months with a few trips...I've been quite busy but happy to be catching up and life returning to normal. And I just moved!!!

Betty and I headed off to London and Paris for about two weeks. I heard Sky Garden opening about 18 mon[...]

Northstar Ski Resort | Truckee

Travel Photography

January 2017

It's been over 20 years since I spent more than a day up in Tahoe during the winter. School didn't resume until the second of January. Kiddos have never skied. So, up to Northstar Ski Resort in Truckee for a few days. OMG, look at the photos, enough said.

Shed | Food Photography


Saturday afternoon mid-November 2016

I took a drive up north and spent the day in downtown Healdsburg, shopping and grazing. I had heard great reviews about Shed but never visited...so, we had to stop in.

SF Museum of Modern Art | Travel Photography

San Francisco

October 2016

Thanks to Chase Bank for complementary admission, Betty and I visited the newly renovated SF MOMA. We've been trying to find a day to go but life's been hectic. I don't remember exactly when I last visited the museum but it must have been at least 10 years ago.

Kauai Hawaii | Travel Photography

September 2016

No school for the kids!  I pulled the kids out of school for a week-long vacation (kiddos actually missed only 2.5 half days of school).  We've been to Hawaii numerous times but this was our first trip to Kauai, the Garden Island.  The landscape is abs[...]

Sushi Kashiba | Japanese

Seattle Washington | Food Photography

Saturday night dinner September 2016

Undoubtably one of the best!

Over Labor Day Weekend, Betty and I took a quick trip to Seattle. We stayed in Belltown a few blocks away from Pike's Place. We were blessed with great weather, a cozy airbnb, a good hike up Rattlesnake trail, and lo[...]

Disneyland | Travel Photography

Late July 2016

The kiddos and I spent a few days at Disneyland to end their summer break. School starts in two weeks. We wanted to visit Disneyland before it concludes it's 60th anniversary diamond celebration later this summer. Disneyland is one of our favor[...]

Asian Art Museum | San Francisco

Travel Photography

June 2016

I spent a Saturday morning visiting Asian Art Museum. On display through September 16, 2016 is Emperor's Treasure, Chinese Art from the National Palace Museum in Taipei. I visited the National Palace Museum years ago when I went back to visit Taipei.

Uchi | Japanese

Austin Texas | Food Photography

Saturday night dinner May 2016

I've been taking quite a few trips lately :) and haven't been able to photography clients :(. My most recent trip was to Austin Texas with my golfing buddies for a multi-round golf trip. Uchi was one of the several restauran[...]

Momofuku Noodle Bar | Ramen

New York City | Food Photography

Saturday early dinner May 2016

Momofuku was a planned meal before we left home. We were the second party in line at 4:30pm, 30 mins before the 5pm opening. At opening, line was at least 100 persons deep. Must say everything was delicious but in a different kind of a way...nothing like I had tasted before....very creative.

New York City | Travel Photography

Early May 2016

I took a quick vacation trip to NYC. Our itinerary consisted of the touristy stuff: sight seeing, eating and shopping. Rather than share the "typical" photos of Lady Liberty, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, subway/taxes, etc; below a[...]

Extraordinary Desserts | Bakery & Deserts

San Diego | Food Photography

Saturday night snack April 2016.

I were in San Diego for a quick one night trip to visit my buddy and his family.  We arrived early Saturday morning to golf with my buddy...while I golfed, she got a massage.  After golf/massage, we had dinn[...]

Yosemite | Travel Photography

Late March 2016.

I took the kiddos to their first trip to Yosemite during Spring Break. It was my first trip back to Yosemite in ~20 years. The kiddos weren't excited about it...I wasn't quite sure since they love campi[...]

Izakaya Ginji | Japanese Yakitori | San Mateo

Food Photography

Sunday dinner February 2016

Izakaya Ginji is one of my favorite Yakitori restaurant, and one of my favorite Japanese restaurant! Izakaya Ginji serves fantastic food, and offers a wide variety of food options. This was my second visit - the first time was without my camera - this time, I was su[...]

Plow | Breakfast & Lunch Cafe | San Francisco

Food Photography

Valentine's Day breakfast February 2016

We arrived around 9:30am expecting a long wait - after all it was a Sunday morning and it was Valentine's Day. Sure enough, we were told about a two hour wait but we decided to wait it out. Fortunately, many folks didn't stick around to wait and were skipped, and we were seated in about 40 min[...]

Raku & Raku Sweets | Japanese Cuisine | Las Vegas

Food Photography

Saturday dinnerJanuary 2016

Warning, this is a heavy photo blog entry. Las Vegas is certainly a food mecca with numerous of quality choices concentrated on the strip. So why leave the strip to eat? Raku and Raku Sweets are certainly worthy of a short taxi ride to Chinatown. The food is abs[...]

State Bird Provisions | Contemporary American

San Francisco | Food Photography

Saturday Dinner December 2015

OMGosh, sooooo good. State Bird Provisions is a restaurant that has been on my must eat list...I had read much about it: the 2 to 3 hour wait, the small plates, the creativity and the uniqueness of the restaurant. Although I made reservatio[...]

Contigo | Spanish Tapas | San Francisco

Food Photography

Friday dinner December 2015

We met up my buddy who recently moved to Noe Valley. He recommended Contigo which was a few blocks away from his place. Since my girlfriend and I have never ate here before, we decided to order the tapas tasting menu. The tasting menu consisted of the [...]

Food | Breakfast & Lunch Cafe | Los Angeles

Food Photography

Sunday breakfast December 2015

Food. Yep, that's the name of the cafe. Interesting that a more creative name was not used. We had read about the ricotta pancakes somewhere so we thought try it for breakfast. Fortunately, we were seated prompted and quickly ordered since we knew we wanted pancak[...]

Pine & Crane | Taiwanese Cuisine | Los Angeles

Food Photography

Friday dinner December 2015

This restaurant was highly recommended by several Taiwanese friends. So on a road trip to LA, Pine & Crane was the first meal. Everything but the food was as expected...let me explain. The restaurant is NOT located in an Asian dominated community; it's loc[...]

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