Akiko's Sushi Bar | San Francisco | Food Photography

August 2017.  Looking back at old blog entries, I realized that I photograph sushi a lot, like this one and this one.  I must love sushi, or I'm crazy, but probably both  :)  This is one of my favorite sushi restaurants in SF Bay Area.  If you enjoy sushi, I strongly suggest Akiko's.  Reservations are a must, even on a weekday.  Getting hungry looking at the photos :)

If there's less than 2 of us, I'll always ask for counter seating...I love watching cooks and chefs doing what they do best.

Uni...not my favorite but I'll eat it.

Lovely desert.  We enjoyed our meal so much that we asked the sushi chefs to sign a copy of the menu for us to take home; and they obliged!  I need to go back soon.  Anyone have sushi recommendations?  RC

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