Extraordinary Dessert | Bakery & Desserts | San Diego

Saturday night snack April 2016.  I were in San Diego for a quick one night trip to visit my buddy and his family.  We arrived early Saturday morning to golf with my buddy...while I golfed, she got a massage.  After golf/massage, we had dinner at the Gaslamp District (it was just meh).  Since this was Betty's first time to SD and she loves desserts, I had to bring her to Extraordinary Desserts after dinner.

The wait was 30+ mins at ~10pm Saturday night...be prepared for a wait.

Nice spacious dining area with high ceilings.  Great wait staff.  Very efficient operations.

The desserts are amazing and do taste as good as it looks.

But, the desserts are a bit too rich for me (the tea helped) but nevertheless, so good and I'll be back.  If you're in San Diego, I suggest you save space in your tummy and make a visit to Extraordinary Desserts.  RC

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