Izakaya Ginji | Japanese Yakitori | San Mateo - Robert Chen Photography

Izakaya Ginji | Japanese Yakitori | San Mateo

Sunday dinner February 2016.  Izakaya Ginji is one of my favorite Yakitori restaurant, and one of my favorite Japanese restaurant!  Izakaya Ginji serves fantastic food, and offers a wide variety of food options.  This was my second visit - the first time was without my camera - this time, I was sure to bring the camera.  

Yakitori is where meat (veggies are available as well) is skewered on bamboo and cooked over a charcoal fire.  The food is usually seasoned with salt only, or with a special sauce consisting of mirin (rice wine), sugar, soy sauce and sake.

Below is where all the yakitori magic happens.  The interior reminds me of Japan.

Chicken thigh with cheese yakitori, and eggplant yakitori with the special sauce topped with bonito (dried fish flakes).

Okra yakitori seasoned with salt...so simple and so good.

The restaurant has weekly chef specials with an assortment of dishes.  A special offering this week was paper hot pot: tofu, clam, shrimp, veggies and fish cakes in a broth, all in a paper bowl cooked over an open flame.  If you order it, be sure not to break the paper bowl with your chopsticks.

Mmmm...toro sashimi.  

Buta Kimchi Carbonara - cheesy stir fried udon with pork and kimchee sauce.  Believe me, it's tastes so much better than it sounds.  Who knew udon with cheese would taste so good?  Incredible!

We were very satisfied and stuffed, but not in a gross I need to throw up stuffed way.  RC

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