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Friday dinner December 2015.  This restaurant was highly recommended by several Taiwanese friends.  So on a road trip to LA, Pine & Crane was the first meal.   Everything but the food was as expected...let me explain. The restaurant is NOT located in an Asian dominated community; it's located in one of "the city's hippest neighborhoods" of Silver Lake.  The interior had an industrial yet warm feel to it, similar of a neighborhood cafe.  No round tables with lazy susans and white tablecloth.  And it has a restaurant inspection score of an "A".

Seating was a bit different in that you order at the counter prior to seating, and then the hostess seats you when a table is available.  Coincidentally, this was when our first dish was ready.  Not sure if I prefer this but it's certainly efficient.

Not the typical Asian restaurant storefront and interior decor.

The food was as expected...authentic Taiwanese food.  Taiwanese food is my comfort food.  I was starving from the long drive down to LA and the food was so good that I forgot to take more photos of the food.  Sorry!

Zha Jiang Noodles (ground pork, black bean sauce and cucumbers over noodles)

Traditional cold appetizers and pan fried pork buns (my favorite!).  We also ordered the spicy shrimp wontons and the day's fresh vegetable, sweet potato leaves (both not shown).

This place is mmmm and good!  Highly recommend and looking forward to coming back!  RC

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