Plow | Breakfast & Lunch Cafe | San Francisco

Valentine's Day breakfast February 2016.  We arrived around 9:30am expecting a long wait - after all it was a Sunday morning and it was Valentine's Day.  Sure enough, we were told about a two hour wait but we decided to wait it out.  Fortunately, many folks didn't stick around to wait and were skipped, and we were seated in about 40 minutes....not too bad at all.  Bonus: Plow offers free coffee while you wait.

The restaurant is small, with about a dozen tables and counter seats inside, and half a dozen outside.  Very friendly and good service.

Love the pig logo :)

We ordered "The Plow" and a side of Nueske's bacon and buttermilk biscuit with honey butter.  "The Plow" comes with two eggs, choice of house made pork sausage patties, Nueske's bacon, or chicken apple sausage (we chose the house made pork sausage patties), lemon ricotta pancakes + plow potatoes.

The food is much better than it looks, trust me.  We'll be back.

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