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Saturday dinnerJanuary 2016.  Warning, this is a heavy photo blog entry.  Las Vegas is certainly a food mecca with numerous of quality choices concentrated on the strip.  So why leave the strip to eat? Raku and Raku Sweets are certainly worthy of a short taxi ride to Chinatown.  The food is absolutely phenomenal.

Unfortunately, I lost my receipt so I'm not quite sure what we ordered...we ordered the evening's special dishes that's  written on a chalkboard.  The chalkboard is brought to the table and the dishes described to you.

The food tastes 10 times better than they look below; mostly seafood, tofu and rice.

Raku Sweets serves Japanese French style desserts and is located in the same strip mall as Raku.  Our plan was to go there for desert after dinner at Raku but unfortunately Raku Sweets does not take reservations.  However, as we were paying the bill, the wait staff called over to Raku Sweets and informed them that we were heading over.

Much of the experience at Raku Sweets is watching the pastry chef prepare your dessert.  Wait for a seat at the counter...it's worth it!

Raku and Raku Sweets are an absolute must in Las Vegas!  I strongly recommend Raku and Raku Sweets.

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