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October 2016.  Thanks to Chase Bank for complementary admission, Betty and I visited the newly renovated SF MOMA.  We've been trying to find a day to go but life's been hectic.  I don't remember exactly when I last visited the museum but it must have been at least 10 years ago.

The exterior looked unchanged to me.  The interior is entirely different consisting of 7 floors of exhibits with lots of natural light.  Museum offers several dining options including a full service restaurant, and a store with a wide selection of goods and several outdoor spaces.

Below left is looking up in the museum entry.  Below right is an art installation mounted flush against a wall...I couldn't tell if it was flat or not.

Although we did "get" every installation (like at top right), we enjoyed the museum.  It is very nice.

The lovely cafe on the fifth floor with an outdoor sculpture terrace.

The backside of the museum as seen from the outdoor sculpture terrace.

My attempt of abstract interior photos.

Below is the art installation you can walk through.  It's like a tiny version of a corn maze, designed aesthetically.

We're looking forward to returning when it wasn't so busy due to "family free day".  Especially since admission is complementary :) Anyone else visited the renovated SF MOMA? RC

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