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March 2017.  First and foremost, apologizes for the lack of blog entries lately and photography work.  I've been quite busy for the last few months with a few trips...I've been quite busy but happy to be catching up and life returning to normal.  And I just moved!!!

I headed off to London and Paris for about two weeks.  I heard Sky Garden opening about 18 months ago; it's an observation deck combined with bars, restaurants and a garden.  It's located a few blocks from the Tower of London.  We made dinner reservations at Darwin Brasserie, one of the three restaurants, in Sky Garden; meal reservations grants access to the Sky Garden.

Below is the monument sign at the building's exterior.  Access to the Sky Garden is free but there is limited number of daily passes.  Alternatively, a reservation to one of the three restaurants grants you access to the Sky Garden.  After going through airport like security, you ride the elevator to the top and treated with a wonderful panoramic view of London.

We went up about 30 mins before our dinner reservation to take a peek around. We were blessed with great clear weather and was able to see for miles.

I had dinner reservations so we went up about 30 mins before our reservations to take a peek around.

Sunset view of London.  St Paul's Cathedral at middle right.  Can you spot the London Eye?

That's Darwin Brasserie's in the middle of the above photo.  We enjoyed our meal (sorry no photos) and the sun had set when we finished dinner.  Views at nights below.

Next time you're in London, I strongly suggest making a visit to Sky Garden.  Views of the River Thames, Tower Bridge and the London Skyline are gorgeous.  And it's free!  Plus no lines to wait in...just head up at your allotted time.  Be sure to reserve the date and time in advance (reservations open up 3 weeks prior).  RC!

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