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Saturday night dinner September 2016.  Undoubtably one of the best!

Over Labor Day Weekend, Betty and I took a quick trip to Seattle.  We stayed in Belltown a few blocks away from Pike's Place.  We were blessed with great weather, a cozy airbnb, a good hike up Rattlesnake trail, and lots of good food.

Highlight of the trip was Sushi Kashiba.  I was fortunate to secure table reservations on Saturday night (about two months out).  Per Yelp, sitting at the limited number of bar seats is a must.  So, we arrived about 4:15, 45 mins before opening, and there was a line 20 deep already...sigh.  We didn't get bar seats, but we were happy with our seats in the courtyard.

I ordered the omakase, and several items a la carte.  The food is OMGosh good.  It's very simple and delicate.

If you're ever in Seattle, Sushi Kashiba is a must.  Make reservations and hope for bar seating.

Have you been? RC

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