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Late March 2016.  I took the kiddos to their first trip to Yosemite during Spring Break.  It was my first trip back to Yosemite in ~20 years.  The kiddos weren't excited about it...I wasn't quite sure since they love camping.  And, many of their friends had visited Yosemite.  However, my kiddos enjoyed the trip soooo much and didn't want to leave...keep on reading to see why.  Thanks Yosemite!

I was concerned about the weather forecast and icy road conditions so I rented a 4x4 SUV.  Much to my surprised, chains were not needed and I didn't need an SUV...oh well, kiddos enjoyed the spaciousness of the SUV anyways.  There was no snow at all except for a few isolated locations at about elevation 6,500 ft.  This was a good start for the kiddos, snowball fight!

On the second day, we hiked up past the Columbia Rock to the falls overlook on the Upper Yosemite Falls trail. 4 hrs round trip and 1,000 feet plus elevation gain.  Although my kiddos complained and whined for much of the hike, they did it.  My kiddos are troopers!

Above, views of Half Dome and the valley from the trail.  Kiddos were excited to see Half Dome...they finally saw the desktop photo on their school computers with their own eyes.

Below, Upper Yosemite Falls.

On the following day, we did the quick hike to the Vernal Fall Footbridge.

We also rented bikes and cruised around the valley floor.  The kiddos favorite.  Highly recommended!

Above, Lower Yosemite Falls (in the morning)...a quick easy walk/hike from the Yosemite Lodge (where we stayed at).  The kiddos loved this...lots of mist, gushing water, and it reminded them of the Radiator Springs waterfall/bridge in the Cars movie.

Good night Yosemite, we miss you already.  RC

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